Towards Nanotech Safety

13-15 November 2018

Clarion Hotel Post, Gothenburg

Welcome to this Mistra Environmental Nanosafety Conference

We are organizing this conference to summarize and reflect on the results from our research program's first four years, and to discuss the generation of a sustainable risk management strategy for nanomaterials in the future. Our aim is to enable risk assessment strategies for nanomaterial's impact on the environment.

Organizing committee

Scientific committee: Bengt Fadeel, Sverker Molander, Sari Scheinberg, Sverker Alänge
Local organizers: Julie Gold, Anne Seilonen, Anna Wallin Adersjö, Erik Nilebäck


Program in short

The conference will feature sessions with groundbreaking science that will challenge your understanding of environmental nanosafety

Tuesday 13th of November

Conference Lunch
Welcome: Julie Gold/Sverker Molander/Bengt Fadeel
Keynote Lecture: Mark Wiesner, Duke University


Nanomaterials : Not the next asbestos - or some lessons learned from  20 years of nanomaterial implications research 

Session 1 - chair: Julie Gold, Chalmers University of Technology


Mónica João de Barros Amorim, University of Aveiro, Portugal: "Environmental hazards of nanomaterials: potential and challenges of integrating omics"

Begoña Espiña, International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory, Portugal: "Evaluation of toxicity and bioaccumulation of commercial nanomaterials used in plastic industry in aquatic organisms"

Joachim Sturve, University of Gothenburg: “Trophic transfer of nanoparticles in the aquatic environment”

Mikael Ekvall, Lund University: "Long-term effects of tungsten carbide (WC), tungsten carbide cobalt (WC-Co) and cobalt (Co) nanoparticles on Daphnia magna and the effect of an environmental corona"

Frida Book, University of Gothenburg: "Toxicity screening of seven different types of commercial silica nanoparticles using cellular and organismic assays: importance of surface and size"

Session 2 – chair: Bengt Fadeel, Karolinska Institutet


Marco Monopoli, Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, Dublin, Ireland: "Understanding the nanomaterial interaction with biomolecules, a journey from the safety assessments to applications in modern medicine"

Bengt Fadeel, Karolinska Institutet: "Cytotoxicity assessment of metal and metal oxide nanoparticles: lessons from nanosafety projects"

Tommy Cedervall, Lund University: "Aggregation of nanoplastics and other nanomaterials in ecotoxicological studies"

Govind Gupta, Karolinska Institutet: "Toxicity screening of a panel of silica nanoparticles: role of size and surface properties"

Julian Gallego, University of Gothenburg: "Fate of nanomaterials in seawater: experimental approaches"

Conference Dinner at Universeum

Wednesday 14th of November

Session 3 – chair: Inger Odnevall Walllinder, Royal Institute of Technology


Harri Alenius, Karolinska Institutet, Sweden and University of Helsinki, Finland: "From conventional in vitro and in vivo approaches towards predictive nanotoxicology"

Zareen Abbas, University of Gothenburg: "Modelling the Interactions of Organic Molecules with Nanoparticles"

Anna Furberg, Chalmers University of Technology: "Societal flows of cemented tungsten carbide – the case of tire studs"

Rickard Arvidsson, Chalmers University of Technology: "Proxy measures for manufactured nanomaterials"

Session 4 – chair: Bengt Fadeel, Karolinska Institutet


Ulla Vogel, National Research Centre for the Working Environment, Denmark: "Health effects of Inhaled Nanomaterials"

Lena Palmberg, Karolinska Institutet, Sweden: "Multi-cellular human lung models for toxicity testing"

Inger Odnevall Walllinder, Royal Institute of Technology: "Finding linkages between toxicity and surface reactivity of metallic nanoparticles"

Jonas Hedberg, Royal Institute of Technology: "Connections between natural organic matter adsorption, dissolution and electrochemistry for a selection of metal nanoparticles"

Conference Lunch
Session 5 - Integrating Stakeholder Collaboration. Sverker Molander, Chalmers University of Technology


Aims: Stakeholders to share how they develop nanomaterials to generate innovation that is safe for human and environment – all phases - from laboratory to commercialization. 

Moderators: Sari Scheinberg, Action Research Centre, and Sverker Alänge, Chalmers University of Technology

What is the present situation regarding perceptions of risks and possibilities for safe nanotech innovation?


What does stakeholder need to support their process and what do they experience and what hinders their development, learning, control and feedback?

This is discussed from different perspectives; branch organization, regulator, social scientist perspective (risk perception), scientist perspective.

Views from social scientist perspective – risk perception


Åsa Boholm, Magnus Jansson, Simon Larsson, University of Gothenburg

Views from branch organization perspective, SwedNanoTech


Åsalie Hartmanis, SwedNanoTech

Views from Swedish National Platform for Nanosafety, SweNanoSafe


Heike Hellmold, SweNanoSafe

Views from Municipality perspective (authority) and Mistra board


Anna Ledin, Environmental Governance Gothenburg and Mistra Environmental Nanosafety board member

Looking back – Dynamic reflection and mapping

Sari Scheinberg, Action Research Centre, and Sverker Alänge, Chalmers University of Technology

Group exercise

  • What have we learned from these presentations?
  • What are the challenges in our way of working?
  • Perceptions in society
  • Innovation perspective
  • Good environment for innovation with current legislation


Conference Dinner at Clarion Hotel Post

Thursday 15th of November

Welcome and goals for today. Sverker Alänge, Chalmers University of Technology and Sari Scheinberg, Action Research Centre
Session 6 - Stakeholders will share experiences and reflect...


...and present on: What have you done – how have you solved this  - What ideas do you have for improvement?  What questions / feedback do you have for the other stakeholders? What are the ways forward?

1. Companies - Sweden and EU


Michael Persson, AkzoNobel 

2. International collaboration perspective – test bed


Eiwe Ljungblom, entrepreneur

3. From scientist perspective - late lessons from early warnings


Lauge Peter Westergaard Clausen, DTU

4. Society perspective – NGO


Anna Lennquist, ChemSec

Introduction to groupwork and coffee during groupwork
Reflection and summary of session 5 and 6


Sari Scheinberg, Action Research Centre, and Sverker Alänge, Chalmers University of Technology

Summary of conference and future of nanotech safety: Bengt Fadeel/Sverker Molander/Julie Gold/Tommy Cedervall

Where & When

The conference will take place at Clarion Hotel Post in Gothenburg, right next to the central train station. It will stretch from lunch to lunch, Nov 13-15 2018.

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